Effective March 1, 2021, SCORE Bucks County will begin to provide oversight and direction for SCORE activities in the Eastern half of Montgomery County, and SCORE TriCounty will provide the same oversight and direction for the Western half of Montgomery County.

SCORE Montgomery County Mentors will continue to work with current clients and new clients will be assigned appropriately to current SCORE Montgomery County mentors with additional support, as needed, from Bucks and TriCounty.

If you are seeking a mentor, please click on the REQUEST A MENTOR button above, and an assignment will be made or you may wish to contact either the Bucks or TriCounty Chapters directly. Click on the appropriate link below to explore the services offered by Bucks and TriCounty.

SCORE Bucks County is offering services to Eastern Montgomery County

Visit SCORE Bucks County

SCORE TriCounty is offering services to Western Montgomery County

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